An effective solution to insect control, comes from natural herbs

Do you know?

Mosquitoes are small insects, but the danger of them are really not small
  • Mosquitoes – Insects kill millions of people every year


Mosquitoes are annoying insects to humans, can absorb a large amount of blood 3 times body weight that completely undetected.

  • Mosquitoes transmit the agent dangerous diseases


Most people hate mosquitoes and every year the world spent more than a billion dollars to extinction insects. Besides the annoying buzzing or humming, mosquitoes that transmit agents of dangerous diseases such as malaria, killing over a million people each year.

  • Mosquitoes – insects are difficult to extinction completely


Mosquitoes are insect species and have been present on Earth for 170 million years, which is difficult to extinction. Mosquitoes do not need much to live. Any small water container - or anything that can collect rainwater - is enough for mosquitoes to breed. Mosquitoes are also becoming resistant to conventional pesticides.

  • Mosquitoes infect malaria causing hundreds of thousands of deaths each year


Between 2000 and 2012, malaria mortality has fallen dramatically - 42% globally. However, private estimates in 2012 there were about 627,000 people die of malaria and about 207 million people infected.

  • Mosquitoes are the cause of high mortality rates


The mosquitoes are the most dangerous source of infection, leaving millions of people dead and hundreds of millions sick each year worldwide, according to the World Health Organization. ``They are the worst killer in the world,`` Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told CBS News.
In addition to the recent outbreak of the Zika virus, many other serious diseases caused by mosquitoes: Malaria, Dengue, Chikungunya, West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever. Zika.

  • Mosquitoes are the most dangerous species in the world


The world's most dangerous species is not the tiger, shark or snake which is the mosquito. In fact, mosquitoes are creatures kill the most people on the planet with the ability to transmit dangerous diseases like dengue, malaria, yellow fever and encephalitis. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an average of 45 seconds in Africa a child died of malaria.

Mosquito control in the traditional way

We often use traditional methods to repel mosquitoes, such as mosquito larvae, electric mosquito repellant, mosquito repellant, etc. However these are only temporary measures and do not bring high efficiency.

A completely new solution for Mosquito prevention

A mosquito prevention methods and effective stretching from natural herbs, environmental friendliness and absolute security for their families and communities.


Chau Anh Gia Ltd., Co with over fifteen – year experience in Paint and Coatings Industry, we have produced Antimos Paint which is ability repellent mosquitoes and insects safely and effectively.
We have been researching, experimental organization, and supplying mosquito repellent solutions. Antimos will bring many benefits about repelling harmful insects around Vietnam.
At present, the company has launched a line of high quality ANTIMOS paint that is capable of chasing mosquitoes and insect pests such as ants, spiders and cockroaches, ... from herbal ingredients that are safe and effective.
ANTIMOS can be used in civil works such as housing or offices. When using ANTIMOS for your walls, if mosquitoes appear and pass on the surface of the wall, the compounds present in the film will irritate the mosquitoes and leave immediately.
ANTIMOS – Beloved Paint – Bring natural values to life

Our vision


``ANTIMOS Paint protects the health of our families and community.``

We always try to bring quality products, prestigious services, and the most useful solution. With the concept of human being the biggest asset of the enterprise, ANTIMOS paint develops human development strategy on the basis of both mind and scope of production, quality assurance and product results from the selection of raw materials. production, storage and transport to consumers and full use.
We are building quality management system ISO 9004 to ensure our system is tight and streamlined. The product line of decorative paint and paint, helping customers choose easy, quality durable, beautiful, blend with essential oil, natural herbs to ward off mosquitoes and insect pests to serve the family, community in the best way.

Products of ANTIMOS


For ANTIMOS Decor Paint is used with brushes or rollers as other waterborne paint lines, follow this manual is guide how to use ANTIMOS spray paint.
The surface must be dry, smooth, no dust or moss and factors affect to adhesion of paint. Use dry towel, feather duster to wipe the surface.
For large area, spray mode is the most appropriate, the distance from nozzle to the surface is 25 -30 cm, pull the cock with moderate and definitive force, pull the cock and
move the bottle parallel with the surface to have the smooth coating. Let try on the other surface before spray on the surface which need be painted. The jet mode used for the narrow slits.
Apply ANTIMOS to the green and yellow zones: around edges, corners skirting, trims,
lights & fans. This is where insects land, crawl and reside.
For a maximum kill rate of insects, apply to the GOLD zones: in cupboards, under
furniture & behind wall hangings etc.
ANTIMOS recommends customers to cover the wall with ANTIMOS mosquito repellant to achieve the highest efficiency. Especially closed areas, tall, easy to dust, insects love to nest, lay eggs and hiding should be painted more thoroughly.
During cleaning, ANTIMOS should be cleaned regularly, and ANTIMOS painted surfaces should be cleaned to ensure effective removal of mosquitoes and insects.
Furniture items such as furniture, wardrobe, artwork, etc. can be used ANTIMOS paint without fear of quality damage after painting.
The steps to paint a table or chair is similar to painting a wall, to paint is not shot at home, can use auxiliary shielding equipment such as towels, carton cover, ...
The surface should be covered to achieve high efficiency and once a bottle of paint should not be left in the bottle to avoid drying paint clogged hose.

Ask and answer for ANTIMOS

Answer some questions
  • “How ANTIMOS paint repel mosquitos and insects? ”

    ANTIMOS paint is combined between herb oils, mosquito repellent actives and Acrylic resin. Mosquito repellent actives will impact directly and the transformation is continued from the capsule to film. Therefore, mosquito repellent process is continued and persistence within two years. When using ANTIMOS paint for the walls, if mosquitoes appear and alight on the wall surface, the compounds in the film will cause uncomfortable and the mosquitos will fly away immediately.

  • “How long ANTIMOS paint effective?”

    Mosquito repellent actives will impact directly and the transformation is continued from the capsule to film. Therefore, mosquito repellent process is continued and persistence within two years.

  • “How safe ANTIMOS paint?”

    ANTIMOS paint can repel mosquitos and insects because it compounds natural herbs such as: citronella oil, mint oil, lavender oil,…These oil can’t dangerous to your health. The ingredients in ANTIMOS paint has been certified safe for users by Vietnam Health Organization and World Health Organization. ANTIMOS paint has been certified about safety and the impact on public health by testing Pasteur Institute and it was been tested by TUV Rheinland Group in Vietnam and certified product quality assurance and safe for human, pet and environment.

  • “How smells ANTIMOS paint?”

    ANTIMOS paint have the fragrant of Lavender so it very pleasant and this smell just stay in your dimensional for few hours.

  • “What kind of insect does ANTIMOS can repel?”

    ANTIMOS can repel MOSQUITOS – FLIES – TERMITES – ANTS – COCKROACHES – SPIDERS and other harm insects.

  • “Does ANTIMOS affect to the color coating film ?”

    ANTIMOS spray and ANTIMOS clear is transparent paint so the coating film not only wasn’t be affect but also be protected by ANTIMOS paint film.

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